Organic Tea & Country Living on the Island of Maui, Hawaii

We welcome you to experience tea from farm to cup. Explore our organic farming lifestyle here on Maui's Haleakala Volcano.

We are located in the rich upcountry Maui agricultural region of Kula.

Our farm and tea workshop is situated at 4,000 feet elevation, 30 minutes away from Haleakala National Park. At our farm, you will notice that the air is cool and the climate cloud-kissed, making it a perfect location for premium high mountain tea. We are excited to begin offering small batches of our handmade Maui grown black tea for purchase soon. With our unique location and gorgeous views, we also welcome tea fans to follow our growth and progress on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

About our Tea Farm

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The Big, Sexy World of Tea and Polyphenols

Tea really heats things up when it comes to polyphenols Let’s explore the food science theme a bit more from where we started in my earlier post Camellia sinensis: The Superhero Plant.  So, here we go: Time for a brief foray into the big, sexy world of tea and polyphenols. Tea leaves are rich in […]

Camellia Sinensis: The Superhero Plant

By Andrea de Roode, MS RD LD As a tea farmer, I may seem biased writing this, but tea is really an incredible plant! I have to marvel at its versatility, both biologically and chemically, as a plant and beverage.  How many cultivated crops can boast having such diversity of color, of flavor, of biochemical […]

Flushing Tea Plants

What part of the Camellia sinensis plant is actually used in making tea?  That’s a very good question, one which we are often asked.  In this short video, Andrea de Roode, co-owner of the Maui Tea Farm, describes the “flushing” part of the tea, which is the harvestable new growth.

Meet the Tea at the Maui Tea Farm!

Andrea de Roode, co-owner of the Maui Tea Farm, introduces viewers to our tea (Camellia sinensis) plants.   Stay tuned for future videos and blog posts as we invite you to experience Maui tea from farm to cup!

Life on Maui Tea Farm @mauiteafarm